Investment implementation

The PROCEEDS Group is specialised in the comprehensive implementation of construction investments. We undertake our actions at each stage of investment, ensuring effective and timely course of the project. Thanks to the experience that we have gained, we are ready to take care of the executed works.

Stage 1

At the design stage, we take all necessary measures that serve to launch the investment. We take part in preparation of documentation, obtaining all necessary permits, elaboration of a cost estimate.

Stage 2

At the implementation stage, we execute the geodetic works related to the determination of propriety boundaries; we conduct ground works. We make media connections - for the gas, energy and water-sewer networks. We also conduct masonry works related to the erection of walls of the building.

We carry out thermo-modernisation works in existing buildings as well as roofing, carpentry and fitting works.

Stage 3

At the finishing stage, we conduct plastering works related to the application of gypsum and cement-lime plasters. We also make mechanical and industrial floor screeds. Furthermore, we execute all painting and finishing works related to the application of tiles, glazed tiles, slate and other natural stones as well as the installation of ceilings in OWA systems and paper-based plasterboards.

We carry out gas, water installations and sanitary fittings as well as central heating systems, including those using renewable energy sources.

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