Comprehensive investment implementation

The PROCEEDS Group is composed of companies specialised in comprehensive construction investment implementation that have rich experience in project execution in Poland and throughout all of Europe. Operating on the Polish market for over 8 years, we have gained a vast experience, working at the same time for the trust and appreciation of our clients. The wide range of services provided by our companies enable us to implement construction projects at each stage from the design phase, through the implementation and supervision, ending with turnkey finishing. We provide investments that we take care of with construction materials and equipment ensuring timeliness of the works and competitive prices.

Two companies - PROCEEDS Sp. z o.o. and PROCEEDS TRADE Sp. z o.o. - were spun off from the PROCEEDS Group, which allowed us to improve processes related to the implemented projects and, at the same time, ensured flexibility and higher efficiency of executed orders.

The PROCEEDS Group also provides services related to medical equipment services - magnetic resonance equipment, computed tomographs and X-ray systems.

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